Science To Increase Topical CBD’s Efficacy?

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Science To Increase Topical CBD’s Efficacy?

May 21, 2020 By dsadmin 0 Comment
CBD Benefits

CBD Benefits

The CBD industry has had some amazing innovations in the past couple of years. As more and more people invest and buy CBD products, research has begun feverishly to further unlock the potential of CBD and make it more effective. Factors such as improving the quality of the hemp strain from which the CBD is extracted from, or putting to use more efficient methods of farming and hemp cultivation also go a long way in determining the quality and potency of the final CBD product.

Of the several factors that decide the effectiveness of the CBD benefits, the way in which it is administered, is definitely one that matters!

Simply improving the way in which the CBD gets delivered to the target sites in the body will enhance the potency and the effectiveness of the products. One such advancement that has gathered steam in today’s CBD newsis ‘Nano-emulsion’. Let us walk you through what this is and how this will change the way you take CBD forever!

Nano-Emulsion Technology And Cannabidiol

To help paint the picture on the scale of this advancement, or the lack there of; one nanometre is one billionth of a metre! CBD companies and laboratories have begun to implement nanotechnology in the form of nano-emulsion. What this could effectively do is reduce the time it would take for CBD edibles and oils to start affecting you. In other words, it would make your CBD products more ‘bioavailable’. For those unfamiliar, bioavailability is the how much of the CBD you take in, that actually ends up in your bloodstream and helps you.

The science behind this can be explained in layman’s term to help you better understand. Nano-emulsions are extremely minute as mentioned before and due to its small size can penetrate into tissue easily. The molecule no longer has to go through the full digestive route and instead can bypass it all! The nano-emulsion combines only 4 parts which are water, oil, stabilizing compound and the carrier medicine, which is CBD in this case.

Researchers have taken this a step further by creating what is called self-emulsifying drug delivery technology (SEDDS). This process throws out the need to mix and handle the medicine to create an emulsion separately; the process happens in the gastrointestinal tract.

It is not just the CBD industry that is a benefactor to this new age drug delivery technology, but for others in the pharma industry as well. There are high chances that you’ll be hearing more of this being implemented in CBD products soon!

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