Can CBD Treat Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms?

CBD For Eczema CBD Uses

Can CBD Treat Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms?

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CBD Uses

CBD Uses

The therapeutic effects of Cannabidiol(CBD) like reducing anxiety, depression, improving mood and relaxation are the reasons for its rising popularity. Opiates that are prescribed as pain medication have the nasty side effect of addiction. It is a fact that CBD has been proven useful in combating opiate addiction due to the unregulated use of prescription pain medication. CBD oil has the potential to reduce the symptoms of addictive behaviour. CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system to provide physical relief from withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and pain. Read on to know CBD uses in reducing withdrawal symptoms and substance abuse.

CBD and Anxiety

One of the biggest concerns that people dealing with addiction and substance abuse is Anxiety. Alcoholics and drug addicts consume them to manage anxiety and create an addiction to those substances like a loop. Using CBD oil can help in reducing anxiety without the addiction and break away from the loop. CBD also improves serotonin levels and improves their mood.

Relapse Prevention

Patients of substance abuse develop a dependency on them and display impulsive behaviour. It has been found that using CBD oil has reduced the incidence of relapse by restraining this impulsivity.

Opioid Withdrawal

Substituting CBD oil for pain-relieving medicines helps in preventing addiction to pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs can create other issues like stomach upsets and headaches when used regularly, whereas CBD oil gives you good bowel movement and sleep.

Alcohol Withdrawal

This is prevalent substance abuse in modern society because it is readily available. Alcohol addiction results in a reduction of CB1 receptors removing the endocannabinoids of the body thereby affecting the cognitive functions. CBD oil can restore these receptors and enables the recovery of normal cognitive functions. More research will help to identify CBD’s potential in treating alcoholism.


There is no single dosage for treating substance abuse and withdrawal symptoms. CBD dosage varies according to the individuals’ weight, CBD tolerance and requirement. Consulting a physician about your plan to take CBD oil in managing these symptoms is important. It is better to begin at a smaller dose and move up to the optimal dosage. You must be aware of the potential side effects due to overdose like nausea, dry mouth and low blood pressure.

Final Thought

For those struggling with regular de-addiction and withdrawal treatments, considering CBD oil is a good option. It helps to reduce the symptoms and anxiety associated with these procedures. But you must know that it is not a cure but helps in reducing the symptoms. You must not hesitate to talk about this to your doctor because of the social stigma associated with CBD oil.

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