What Do Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Products Contain?

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Benefits

What Do Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Products Contain?

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Full Spectrum Hemp

Full Spectrum Hemp

Cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol are the two most active phytocannabinoids in industrial hemp. Anyhow, this plant also has several minor phytocannabinoids and other substances that are used as ingredients in CBD goods. Here, we will look at those full spectrum hemp CBD product ingredients. It is worth noting that the precise quantity of the ingredients may vary from one product to another.

Minor Cannabinoids

One of these is cannabigerol (CBG), often described as the ‘mother phytocannabinoid’.It is termed so because the other phytocannabinoids are made by synthesis of CBG. As per some studies in Europe, it is potentially effective in treating stress, chronic pain, and even more serious issue such as glaucoma. For the complete effects of every cannabinoid working together, known as the entourage effect, you should use a whole hemp/full spectrum-type CBD item. It is important to note this because there are also hemp derivatives with only cannabidiol as a phytocannabinoid.


Regarded as the hemp-based essential oil components, these are added to full spectrum CBD goods. There are many different forms of terpenes. Myrcene has stress-relieving and calming effects. Linalool is also good as a calming agent. Alpha-pinene has invigorating and healing effects. On the other hand, limonene has energizing effects. Suffice to say, terpenes are potentially useful as compared to cannabidiol itself.

Smelling a CBD item will not help you to confirm whether it has a particular terpene or not. This is why you must look for an item that comes with a third-party laboratory test report. You should check this document to know how much of each terpene is present in it. Even looking at its label does not guarantee that it contains this substance, as there are not enough CBD regulations from the US FDA.


Similar to terpenes, these are present in many different kinds of plants, including industrial hemp. Hearing the word, ‘flavonoid’, you may think that it is added to a product for more flavor, but it serves more roles than it. One of the more well-documented roles of flavonoids is in the form of antioxidants. This associates the CBD product components to their role in keeping fungi and pests at bay.

These substances also play a part in the so-called entourage effect. So, many experts say that there is more to these than just adding some color and flavor to hemp full spectrum products.

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