What Are The Possible CBD Health Benefits In Treating Hip Bursitis?

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What Are The Possible CBD Health Benefits In Treating Hip Bursitis?

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CBD Health Benefits

CBD Health Benefits

Cannabidiol extracted from the hemp plant is gaining popularity due to its therapeutic and medical benefits. People are loving products made with it because of its very minimal or lack of side effects and safe usage. Also, the demand for CBD topical products is on a rise especially for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. They are used for treating chronic pain conditions like arthritis, bursitis of hips and shoulders that is common in athletes. Read on to know how CBD is useful in the treatment of hip bursitis.

What Is Hip Bursitis?

To put it simply, bursitis is a condition where the fluid filled sac called bursa is inflamed causing severe pain. This fluid filled sac acts as a cushion for tendons, ligaments and muscles allowing their smooth movements over joints. The trochanteric bursa and ischial bursa of the hips are the two major bursae among 150 others found in our body.  Hip bursitis is caused due to inflammation of the former causing severe pain and tenderness in the outer hip and inner thigh area. This gets worse when walking, exercises or other activities that involve the hips. Bursitis to the latter causes dull pain in the upper buttock area and this gets worse when climbing uphill, getting up from chair after sitting etc.

CBD Health Benefits For Relieving Hip Bursitis

Relieves Pain: The common symptoms of bursitis are pain and stiffness in the hip and joint area. In usual cases patients are given corticosteroids and this is not good for athletes as it can affect their performance. Using CBD is very effective as it has good analgesic properties useful for treating both nociceptive and neuropathic pain. So, it is good for treating chronic pain due to bursitis as well as other conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Relieves Inflammation: Hip inflammation is the most common symptom of bursitis due to inflamed bursae. In usual cases they provide nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that have various side effects when consumed for longer periods of time. CBD is a good natural alternative due to its anti-inflammatory effect that is effective when ingested, as well as applied topically.

Relaxes Muscles: Your hip muscles stiffen when suffering from bursitis and consuming CBD help to relax muscles. This effect is also useful for those suffering from muscle spasms and hence also used for improving mobility in patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

These are some of the CBD health benefits that makes it useful in the treatment of hip bursitis and it is good to keep these points in mind when purchasing your cannabidiol products.

Best CBD Topicals: What Are The Possible CBD Health Benefits In Treating Hip Bursitis?

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