Is CBD Better Than Conventionally Used Pharmaceutical Drugs?

Cannabidiol CBD CBD Benefits

Is CBD Better Than Conventionally Used Pharmaceutical Drugs?

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Cannabidiol CBD

Cannabidiol CBD

According to a survey, approximately more than 55 percent of Americans are taking some type of prescription medications, and some healthcare experts believe that they are overmedicated. Also, a significant portion of people belonging to this group is getting their medications from more than one healthcare provider. Studies show that this can lead to an increased risk of adverse side effects. To avoid this, many people are looking for safer alternative medicines, and cannabidiol (CBD) derived from the hemp plant fits the bill. The purpose of this article is to investigate whether CBD is better than big pharma.

What Do Patients Say About CBD?

A survey was conducted, and over 2,400 patients were asked to compare cannabidiol (CBD) to pharmaceutical drugs. From this, it was found that around 60 percent of respondents found that to some extent, CBD was slightly more effective than some prescription medications. Also, around 75 percent of respondents stated that is better than many over-the-counter medications.

The Side Effects Of CBD Vs Pharmaceutical Medications

It is a well-known fact that many commercially available pharmaceutical drugs have some type of adverse side effects. Sometimes, these side effects can worsen the disease or condition that the drug is treating. This is seen in some commonly used anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications.

One of the main CBD health benefits is its potential anti-inflammatory effect. However, it has some minor side effects, but they are not as bad as those of pharmaceutical drugs used for reducing inflammation. Some of the minor complications due to CBD are dry mouth, fatigue, nausea, and irritability.

The Cost Of CBD Vs Pharmaceutical Medications

Compared to most nations belonging to the high-income groups, the patients in the US pay a hefty price for pharmaceutical medications and treatment. Also, this cost increases as the seriousness of the disease increases.

On the contrary, CBD health and wellness products can be used for treating the symptoms of common day ailments like joint pain, inflammation, etc. Also, high-quality CBD products cost less than pharmaceutical drugs. However, it cannot cure ailments, and it is not a replacement for pharmaceuticals, but a safer alternative that can be used as a complementary medication.

The Reason CBD Is Not Used In Conventional Treatment

The main reason that CBD is not used in conventional treatment is due to the lack of sufficient evidence of its efficacy in treating diseases. Also, further understanding about its working at the cellular level is required.

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