A Bad Reaction To CBD? What You Should Know

Reaction To CBD CBD Facts

A Bad Reaction To CBD? What You Should Know

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Reaction To CBD

Reaction To CBD

CBD is a wellness supplement that has garnered millions of ardent followers in a short span of time. It is sometimes hard to swallow the fact that in the US it was only in the year 2018 that CBD hemp was considered legal. Now, within two years, the CBD industry has become a $1 billion powerhouse that is starting to go head-to-head with pharma giants.

Of all of the benefits that one can achieve from CBD, there are some bad apples in every bunch. There have been increases in the adverse effects that are reported on the use of CBD. Some of these symptoms are considered as the sensitivity to CBD, while some of them are as a result of an allergic reaction to it.

Humans are allergic to peanuts and plant pollen, so why not CBD? But what are the chances that you could be allergic to CBD? What should you be concerned about? What are the allergic side effects of CBD?

What Goes On In An Allergic Reaction?

An allergic reaction occurs when the body finds a particular substance as an allergen. We don’t want to be lulling you to sleep with the underlying science but understand that it is the way the body and its immune system perceives the substance. Peanut butter is not an allergen to many people and they can enjoy their PB&J sandwich just fine; for others, the same cannot be said.

Some of the common allergens include insect stings, plant pollen, medication and pet dander. Since CBD is from the cannabis plant, CBD has the same properties as histamine and pollen, both of which can have a record of causing allergic reactions for millions of people each year.

What Are The Bad Reactions To CBD?

As mentioned earlier, the reaction is a result of the immune system perceiving the substance. The reactions can differ from person to person, and also on severity. The reaction to CBD includes itchy nose or breathing problems- those that are more serious. We have made a complete list of the various side effects, take a look:

  • Red And Itchy Eyes

Cannabis has the effect of reddening the eyes and causing dryness. This is due to the presence of THC, which is not substantially present in Hemp- from which legal CBD is extracted. The dryness and the reddening of the eyes is the result of the user having a mild reaction to the CBD.

  • Irritation Of The Skin

There are several CBD topical applicatory products, that may cause rashes and itchy bumps- all of which are the result of the user getting an allergic reaction to the CBD. This could be the result of the other substances that are present in the creams and balms.

  • Migraines

You may experience a mild headache at the side or the temples during the first couple of uses. If you feel the issue persisting after multiple uses, then it is advised that you switch the CBD manufacturer and try again.

  • Respiratory Issues

This is more towards the serious side, and it involves difficulty in breathing. If the user already has respiratory issues, then it is advised that you consult a doctor before jumping in headfirst. If you are finding it difficult to breathe, then get help immediately. The result could be either due to the low quality of the product that was used, which was riddled with contaminants, or it could be an allergic reaction to CBD.

How Are CBD Allergies Diagnosed?

This is something that you would need to go to the doctor’s clinic. There are two ways in which they can find your susceptibility towards CBD as an allergen.

One would be by performing a skin prick test, which gets you quick results. It is however nowhere near as accurate as getting a blood test if you want to be extra sure.

In the case of a skin prick test, a diluted allergen, in this case, CBD, is applied onto the skin. After 15 minutes the area is surveyed, and if there are any signs of itchiness, swelling and inflammation then it could mean that you are allergic to CBD.

A blood test will check if there are any CBD antibodies present in the blood. The presence of CBD antibodies points to the fact that the body has created antibodies to combat the allergen, viz. CBD.

The Curtain Closer

CBD is an entirely safe, natural and well-tolerated compound. There are off hands that a sliver of the total users may have allergic reactions to it. For this same reason, it is best that you begin with a low dose of CBD initially, to see how your body is coping with it.

If you feel any adverse reactions of any sort, stop usage immediately and consult a doctor. There is an equal chance that the product you purchased was not of good quality and could have been riddled with impurities.

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